Friday, March 23, 2012

Video Time!

Hello strangers!  Or lovers and others strangers…(sorry only those living in Kitchener-Waterloo in the 90s will catch that one)

A short but delicious entry for you.  For those who may not have seen, Hugh blogged about his three weeks visiting me, and I figured instead of doing some double-blogging I would be a lazy person (surprise, surprise, right?) and just let him do all the work and link you on over to his page!  Here goes!  PS: his blog is WAY better than mine, sorry I can’t be so awesome.

Hugh's Superfantastical Awesome Bloggy Blog

In other news, I posted a video to YouTube.  Nothing new, you say?  Well this time I decided to eat up some of this exhausting spring vacation time and add fancy captions and editing.  And by fancy I mean terrible.  Not really YouTube worthy I’m sure, but what video is?  It’s my first go at it, so be gentle with your feedback.  Or don’t.  Whatever makes you happy.  Either way, just watch!


In other news, school starts in a week.  We are going on another overnight trip to Beppu (you can read all about the wondrous town of Beppu in Hugh’s blog) to enjoy monkeys and onsen (hot springs).  Our school trips start up again soonish so hopefully that means I will have more exciting things to write about.  If not, well, maybe I’ll just start stealing other people’s photos from the Internet and making up wild stories about what an exciting adventure I’m having. 

As always, I hope everyone at home is doing well.  Lots of love and virtual hugs to all of you!

Until next time…