Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Dormitory…Continued.

Well, it’s official…I live in a dormitory once again.  Actually, it’s nothing like Canada, meaning it’s pretty nice!  It feels more like small apartments than dorm rooms to me.  The fact that you can’t party after 10pm makes this old lady happy.  I promise I will attempt to curb my hermit-like behaviour while I am here.

Let’s get to it!

Upon arriving…

September 28 2011 013

My tiny yet fabulous bathroom! (I decided to post a photo before it became covered in my various cleaning, scrubbing, and buffing products.)September 28 2011 014

Curtains up, main room.September 28 2011 015

Lots of storage space.September 28 2011 016

My pre-made bed.September 28 2011 017

And the finished product…mind you now that Hugh isn’t with me every day, this may be the last time this sucker is made so nicely. Eh heh heh! IMG_1998

Now to explore the grounds.  Including the view from my netted balcony…Around the Dorm 001

Mountain, mountains, mountains!Around the Dorm 016 

Shared kitchen.

Around the Dorm 002

View looking out the bank of the dorm.Around the Dorm 003

Laundry room.  This could be fun.Around the Dorm 004

Stairs up to my floor. Around the Dorm 005

View from the stairs looking out. Around the Dorm 006

Park next to my building.Around the Dorm 007

Bike parking….I’ll take the photo now as it is still a novelty.  Around the Dorm 008

Some busy road with a walkway going over it….leads to the mall. Around the Dorm 009

Shopping mall behind the dorm.  It’s so close! Around the Dorm 010

View of the water.  Note: a) how close I live to it, and b) the palm trees.  Yes, palm trees. Around the Dorm 011

Had to get a zoomed in shot of the ferris wheel.

Around the Dorm 012

In case I am in need of any toys…

Around the Dorm 013

Mountains in view!Around the Dorm 014 Around the Dorm 015

Well, after my first mini exploration trip, the verdict: Wow.  The weather is beautiful today (only 50% humidity) and boy is it hot in the sun, but it is gorgeous!  I am going to enjoy looking at palm trees as opposed to snow flakes for the next 10 months, boy oh boy.

I have also completed my mile long list of items I need to procure quickly to ensure survival.  This includes a non-beany pillow for my bed, and toilet paper.  The list is much longer than that, but really those are the vital items.  I GUESS I could make it without the rest.  Pfft, who needs hand soap anyway!

In an effort to keep your attention for next time, I will end this here.  I’d say I miss you Canada, but that hasn’t kicked in yet, and I’m going to fend it off as long as possible as to keep from becoming a miserable old lady hermit. :)

Toodles, folks!


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