Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rice Harvesting Trip: Day Two

Boy am I ever behind!  Busy bee has no time for bloggy…bee?  Well, anyway, here are the photos from the second half of our rice harvesting trip, FINALLY.


We traveled to a mountain that I now forget the name of and am too lazy to look up.  We drove to the top and walked to the bottom.  I was definitely happy with this decision.  Look at that view!




This gentleman enjoyed the view so much, he decided to take photos of it with his HUGE GIGANTIC LENS.  Complete with super camouflage blankey.  Necessary?  I think so!  We are talking serious wilderness here people.


This was an interesting statue we came across.  Looks somewhat normal from here.


But then….ZOMG.


And we also ran across a praying mantis.  Cute little fellow blended in so well, perhaps hard to see.  But he is there, somewhere.  Keep looking.


We then reached the entrance point to the path we hiked down.


Love, love, love…


Along the walk beside the path…HELLO.


This path led somewhere we didn’t go… but where?


In case you didn’t get enough spider in my recent posts, here’s another “fun” looking one that was hanging above our heads.  DEAR GOD.  It was insanely massive.  Biggest spider I have ever seen.  Ever.


We came across a bamboo forest on the mountainside.  My first time to see bamboo growing in the wild.  Very neat!



Look at all that bamboo!



So much bamboo!  Are you feeling bamboozled?  Ahaha.  C’MON.

Another entrance to the mountainside seen while on our way from the hike to our lunch destination.


A quick note: For the last two trips we had eaten copious amounts of fish.  For our dinner and breakfast previous to this meal we ate fish.  For lunch AND breakfast.  You will not be surprised to hear that when we were told we had arrived at “Fish Town” for lunch no one jumped up out of their seat with joy.  But, to my surprise it was actually the best fish we ate within those three meals!  The sashimi (the raw cut fish pieces) was delicious, and I’m usually not a big fan of it!


There was a market next to the restaurant.  Whale, anyone?


There were many varieties and cuts, as you can see…….uh yeah.


On a happier note…in case you didn’t get enough from the last post, here is another photo of me holding rice.  YAHOO!

Rice Peace Harvesting

Next on the list are some photos from our visit to an elementary school, and perhaps some random Halloween shots… We are headed to a “balloon fiesta” this Thursday as it is a national holiday.  I am unsure what constitutes a balloon fiesta but I will be sure to take photos.  I assume it has something to do with balloons.  Probably in a fiesta type of format…hm…

As always, hope everyone at home is doing well. 

Take care!  I miss you all!


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