Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Holy Shamoly!

Well, it certainly has been a while hasn’t it.  You know…I’ve been busy, lazy, whatever you want to call it.  Excuses aside, hello!  Long time no see, I’ve missed you! 

I sit here wondering where on earth to start catching up on what’s been going on.  SO MUCH.  Well, so much, and so little.  School, school, some more school, a bit of holiday new years-y fun, and a little more school.  Alas, classes are over, and only one last paper to write, so what better way to avoid paper writing than to update my blog?!  Ahoy!

To get everyone in the mood for fun, I will start you off with a little something I like to call “cute doggy: ready for school”…


This little guy was just TOO excited to get on his way to school, even had his backpack and everything ready to go.  Doesn’t it just make you sick?  Whether for cute-factor or not, I bet it does.

Moving on to less adorable things, how was your New Years?  I thought it was about time to ask seeing as the first week of February is now gone.  Mine was just great.  Was able to spend some time doing traditional Japanese things, including eating interesting foods and watching Kouhaku!  On that note, let’s begin the photo spree!

(The order of these photos will be off, sorry!)

Here we have the traditional Japanese new years foods.  It included a lot of seafood, and meats, some beans and mixed salads, and a tiny couple squares of dessert crepe.  There were so many meanings of all these things that I have unfortunately now forgotten, my apologies!  We ate this as “brunch” on New Year’s day.

New Years 2011 143

That yellow guy on the right is half a lobster!

New Years 2011 145

New Years 2011 146

This was holding the sake that we drank.  The tiered plate-looking things on the left are used to drink it from.

New Years 2011 148

This was also part of brunch.

New Years 2011 147

I went to a gorgeous old soba noodle restaurant and had a fantastic lunch on New Year’s eve.  It is tradition to eat soba (buckwheat) noodles for New Years.

New Years 2011 012

(I didn’t eat the flower…dawwwww.)

New Years 2011 014

And now for some other photos from New Years related things…

My host family’s beautiful home.  It’s all wood interior and exterior.  Gorgeous!!

New Years 2011 153

This is the second floor.  Open concept style.

New Years 2011 032

My room.  Yes, I slept on that *wonderful* futon on the floor.  And by slept I mean didn’t sleep.  Oi.  The big part on top is the comforter….

 New Years 2011 031

Living room fireplace…

New Years 2011 024

 New Years 2011 023

 New Years 2011 021

And now for some great shots from the Kouhaku show that was on from about 7pm until 11:30pm on New Year’s eve.  It was quite entertaining!

New Years 2011 111

These fellas were on first, and boy were they snazzy!

New Years 2011 038

100% snazzy!

New Years 2011 041

The hosts, including the big superstar boys from Arashi.

New Years 2011 042

 New Years 2011 058

Nice name….

New Years 2011 078

But even better were the backup dancers.  Wahoo!

New Years 2011 073

Ooh, the first of many costume changes for Arashi!

New Years 2011 083

I was happy to see a lot of traditional music mixed with all the current stuff.

New Years 2011 094

New Years 2011 101

New Years 2011 103

New Years 2011 105

New Years 2011 106

New Years 2011 113

New Years 2011 115

This was a neat stage setup!

New Years 2011 123

I can’t remember which costume change this was…three, four?

New Years 2011 125

When Arashi performed they used this piano which was recovered from the tsunami area.  The one side had an enormous scratch on it.  Sorry, not pictured here.

New Years 2011 126

I was told that this performer always had really extravagant outfits for this Kouhaku show.  She certainly didn’t disappoint this year!

New Years 2011 137

Holy jeez…

New Years 2011 138

And her sweet ride…

New Years 2011 139

New Years 2011 140 

Well, that’s about all I have the energy for today.  I will be travelling a bit over the next three to four weeks, so hopefully I can snap some good photos and post them at some point in the next ten years.  No promises though. 

I hope everyone is happy and healthy, wherever you are!

So long, folks…



  1. So glad to see you're posting again. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! the food pics are divine (if sometimes a bit terrifying) and you have a wicked sense of humour.

    Looking forward to hearing/seeing posts about Hugh's adventures in Japan!

    PS - hopefully you'll get to sleep in a nice fluffy bed while he's there! the mats do not seem comfy!


  2. Carey, your blog is the BEST! i love it!!! the food looks amazing in this post. I wish I could lick my screen and takst it!

    Can't wait to see your next update :)

    Rebeca Torres