Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Adventure Continues…in Tenjin

(Be prepared for a long post with lots of photos.  Or come back later when you have time.)

Today a few of us decided to head into one of the big downtown areas called Tenjin.  We decided to be adventurous and take the subway.  The following are photos I took along the walk to the station near our dorm, and of the train heading into Tenjin.

Tenjin Adventure 001

I am unsure if this was functional or artistic.  Neat nonetheless.  Tenjin Adventure 002

Tenjin Adventure 003

Green space just before the station.Tenjin Adventure 005

The front of Chihaya Station, our closest subway and JR rail line.  It’s a pretty massive place.Tenjin Adventure 008

Perhaps this is a friendly fiesta?  Friesta?  Or just a convenience store…you decide.Tenjin Adventure 009

Subway entrance.Tenjin Adventure 010

Buying subway tickets.  No English, by the way.   Tenjin Adventure 011

To get to the trains you actually go upstairs from the main station.  A definite change for me.  As well, the platforms are marked where the doors will align, and they actually do end up there.  This says doa, which is door.  Tenjin Adventure 014 Tenjin Adventure 015

This guy might actually be my new hero.  It’s hard to tell in this photo, but his boots were dark silver.  Very handsome.Tenjin Adventure 018

Upon coming out of the subway station. Tenjin Adventure 021

This was directly across the street stuck between towering financial and commercial buildings.  We decided to investigate…Tenjin Adventure 022

It was beautiful…Tenjin Adventure 026

And inside there was a couple having wedding photos taken.Tenjin Adventure 041

Absolutely stunning.Tenjin Adventure 024

Next it was time to find something delicious to eat.  We ventured down a small alley that had various food shops.  Tenjin Adventure 025

Deciding on a ramen shop, we were seated at traditional Japanese style dining tables.  Very neat.  Thankfully they had a gap underneath so you didn’t have to sit cross legged.  Tenjin Adventure 028

Tenjin Adventure 030

The menu was posted on the wall.Tenjin Adventure 033

And on the table…Tenjin Adventure 034

We all chose the moshi ramen, which consisted of delicious broth, soft noodles, pork slices and a variety of sprouts and another veggie that I have had many times but do not know the name of.  Apparently at this shop on Saturdays you can also have a second helping of noodles if you keep your broth.  One helping was enough for me.  Totemo oishii.  Very delicious!Tenjin Adventure 038

They also brought us a scoop of vanilla ice cream, complimentary after the meal.  It was excellent!Tenjin Adventure 040

Back to walking…In the downtown core there are many, many, many, many, many bike parking areas.  This photo doesn’t accurately show the enormous line of bikes, two or three deep, parked alongside a street. 

Tenjin Adventure 043

In Fukuoka you can taxi in style…Tenjin Adventure 044

We then came upon this shopping area.   Tenjin Adventure 045

Along the way there…Tenjin Adventure 047

A sculpture upon entering the area. Tenjin Adventure 051

There were quite a few cafes and restaurants also.Tenjin Adventure 052

Tenjin Adventure 055

Not entirely sure what these were…or what was inside them.  Decoration?  Props?  Giant hollow plastic bears with plastic beads inside?Tenjin Adventure 053

There was a music festival going on across the street.  Perhaps these are the Japanese Beach Boys?  A little too young I suppose…Tenjin Adventure 054

We then headed to another shopping area, catching a lot of amazing sights along the way.

Tenjin Adventure 056

Tenjin Adventure 057

Our destination:Tenjin Adventure 058

Loft is a 7 storey mega-store that offers a variety of goods from accessories, travel items, electronics, house wares, furniture, Halloween decorations, toys, kids items, and stationary.  We spent a good hour wandering the floors being extremely entertained by many of the “interesting” things we came across.  Including these…Tenjin Adventure 059

So far it appears that Japan puts a lot of importance on keeping a trim figure, including your limbs and face, and achieving it by rolling your body with various colourful instruments.  They have face, neck, arm, foot, leg, and body rollers.  I believe the one top center in the photo is even for your bottom. 

Moving to another department…I could not pass up taking a shot of these adorable chair socks.  Not only do they keep your chair legs from scuffing your floor, they keep the chair legs warm and stylish also!  Personally I would go with the argyle… Tenjin Adventure 061

The next section in the store had various electronics, clocks, and these interesting stuffed animal speakers that play your music while moving around to the beat.  I was more curious about the packaging.  In case you are unable to read it clearly, it says:

He says to me, “Why don’t you run?” “Cause I can see, you have no gun.” I say to him, “That’s a good idea.” “Now let’s get going, get me out of here!” I began to run away from there, But right behind me was that bear.  And on the path ahead of me I saw a tree, Oh glory be.

I am going to guess they chose this particular passage due to the use of the word bear.  Or perhaps it was selected because it really shouts “gold bear speaker toy.”  But what do I know.

 Tenjin Adventure 063

We then stumbled upon my favourite section of the store, the Halloween department.  I am modeling a couple items that I might just decide to pick up for my Halloween costume this year.  The first being a toilet hat, and yes, it includes a fresh swirl of poop.  I probably wouldn’t have even considered this costume idea if it didn’t include the poop, so that was a wise marketing decision in my opinion. Tenjin Adventure 067

I could even pair it with this poop wand and go out as the Canadian Poop Fairy, or something equally ridiculous. Tenjin Adventure 068

I also liked this poop swirl fascinator.  I really can’t decide which is the better choice, perhaps suggestions would help in the decision making process… Tenjin Adventure 069

The array of costumes…Tenjin Adventure 070

Another potential costume idea…Tenjin Adventure 071

Or perhaps I could try one of these…Tenjin Adventure 072

I now present you with what I found to be the most confusing part of the day.  The Crunched-Over-Crying-Man Section.  I have no clue what the significance of the crunched-over-crying-man is…but apparently you can decorate your place with various articles that display his pathetic weeping pose.  Stickers, magnets, posters, note pads, you name it.

Tenjin Adventure 073

He comes half naked of fully clothed… Tenjin Adventure 075

In pillow form…Tenjin Adventure 076

Or perhaps something small for your desk…Tenjin Adventure 077

I also had no clue what these were, but found them extremely creepy, which of course meant that I needed to share them with you!  Vegetable people with frightening faces.  Yikes.

 Tenjin Adventure 078

Finally, after some very good laughs, we ended our adventure at Loft and headed back to the station to go home.  Along the way we were given beauty samples by giant blue bow and go-go boot wearing ladies. Tenjin Adventure 080

And serenaded by this happy fellow singing and playing some advertisement for something unknown.  I’m sure it was a bargain…

Tenjin Adventure 082

Now exhausted and at home, I am about to pack my bag for our overnight trip to the mountain.  We leave Sunday morning and are back Monday night.  I purchased rechargeable batteries today so I am sure to bring home some fantastic photos.  We have been told we will be visiting some amazing places, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Until then, take care folks…


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  1. Hi Carey! Hilarious posting. *Loved* the pooped themed pics. FYI -- the bear passage on the packaging is lyrics from an old girl guide song. I probably heard it once 20 years ago (eeeeeep!) but something rang a bell. Google confirmed it for me. : )