Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nom, nom, nom…Part Two

The next update in the food series.  I have been low on funds so my options have been somewhat limited lately, so hopefully I will have better food photos to show off when I have more money to spend on it!

The following intrigued me one day at the grocery store, so I had to buy one just to see how good (or bad) they were.  It’s your very own soft-serve swirl cone to eat at home!

Food etc 001

As you can see it is even placed atop a traditional style cone.    But not just any traditional cone, it’s a Deluxe Cupcake Sunny Cone.

 Food etc 002

First impressions…the vanilla half was very airy and really not satisfying.  The chocolate half was actually good and had a fairly rich chocolate flavour, and wasn’t nearly as air-filled as the vanilla.  But, the cone.  Oh the cone.  It was a bummer, too soggy.  But in fairness, I guess it would be difficult to maintain it’s crunchiness while sitting in a freezer for who knows how long.

Next we have my first trip to McDonald’s.  I feel some sort of sick guilt going into a McDonald’s here, but I did it anyway.  I really wanted to see how it compared to home.  And as you may guess, it was almost identical!  I had a double cheeseburger and small fry.  The cheeseburger was almost exactly the same, but the burger patties had a bit more pepper on them.  Fries, identical.  Although, they did come with this handy ketchup packet that I’ve never seen before.  Apparently they have these in the UK and elsewhere, so perhaps Canada is just behind the times.

Food etc 006

I also decided to try the McFlurry.  As some of you may or may not know, I am somewhat of a McFlurry connoisseur.  That’s probably not something to be proud of, and most definitely had something to do with the extra pants size happening before I left, but gosh darn they are just too good, I can’t help myself.  So saying goodbye to my self control once more, I decided to partake here in Japan.

First impressions…they come in one size and one flavour.  Perhaps this is different at other locations?  I took this shot to give you some perspective of the cup size.  This is next to a “medium” Japanese McDonald’s drink, which is actually just a teeeensy bit taller than the “small” size in Canada. 


The cup was short and stubby (as was the mixing spoon), fairly wide, and there was about one to one and a half inches of space at the top that wasn’t even filled with ice cream.  Stingy server or normal style?  I suppose I will have to sample more to find that answer out.  Oh darn.  But on to the taste…the cookies were the same, but the soft-serve was definitely not.  I can only liken it to something like Cool Whip…you know that oil-based producty taste?  Believe it or not, the Canadian soft-serve actually tastes more like real cream-based ice cream whereas the Japanese one tasted quite synthetic.  One positive is the price, only 190yen.  And I suppose another positive for my waistline is that it wasn’t amazing so I won’t be running back anytime soon.  Phew.

Next a couple randoms. 

First, this was the dessert selection at the buffet we went to for the Welcome Party.  They had self serve soft-serve, which was probably my favourite.  You could decorate it with fruit sauces and sprinkles, it doesn’t get much better than that.  And those tiny cakes were tasty!  The bottom right one had Oreos on top, mmmm.  All around it was a great meal, I really should have taken photos of the main course dishes.  Go figure, Carey only taking pictures of desserts.  Surprised?

Food etc 007

And finally, this is more to suffice anyone worrying about my illness (mom, I’m looking at you).  I am actually attempting to get a decent intake of vitamin C by eating tiny oranges daily and drinking this lovely beverage!  It is carbonated… but really tasty.  Unfortunately because my camera decided to focus on the corkboard behind, you can’t see that is contains 50 lemons worth of vitamin C in every can!  Although, I’m sure it’s packed with sugar, but luckily I can’t read the Japanese nutritional contents very well, so I’ll just pretend it’s not bad for me.


That’s all I have for now in the way of food!  We are going on a rice harvesting trip this weekend and have been told this includes some delicious barbeque, so I hope to get some photos of more wonderful things!  Apparently I am also going to attempt to make pottery on this trip, so let’s hope all that practice as a child pays off.  And we have to bring shoes that we don’t mind getting muddy for wading around in the rice paddies.  I don’t deal well with nature or mud so this will be veeeery interesting.  I’m going to hit up my local discount cheapy cheap store Box Town to try and find a cheapo pair of mud-friendly shoes.  Wish me luck!

Until next time, toodles!


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  1. In the Netherlands, McFlurries only come in one size, too. As far as I recall, they had more than one flavor, but not as many as in Canada, and they had regionalized choices, such as stroopwaffel! Seeing that they only had one (small) size to choose from made me feel like a gluttonous American, haha!